The vehicle had suffered water ingress as the carpets were completely soaked. The customer was advised due to the nature of the fault the vehicles interior would be fully stripped to locate the water leak. The carpet was removed, washed and left to dry for a few days. The EWS module was removed and repaired due to water ingress. The source of the water leak was found at the sunroof drain runners that travel through the chassis. All the runners were cleaned and sealed to prevent water ingress again. The boot area was stripped and water ingress found. All the trims were removed and area dried. We found the rear multimedia modules to have suffered water ingress. All the modules were removed and the customer advised to have an aftermarket multimedia system fitted.

There was also an “ERR” message on the dash panel. This message is generated if there is an issue with the light control module. When I contacted the customer, he mentioned that a third party garage had fitted a secondhand light control module as his headlights were not working. I explained to the customer that the light control module stores the vehicle chassis number and the total vehicle mileage and a second module would not work. These light control modules need to be replaced with brand new units and must be coded to the vehicle.

A high end double din touch screen Pioneer head unit was fitted with an adapter for the customer to use the steering controls with the aftermarket head unit. The vehicle was fitted with a Harman Kardon speaker system from the factory. The wiring had to be modified and routed from the back of the vehicle to the front. The customer now had a full multimedia system in one unit and all the factory fitted multimedia modules from the boot removed and binned. The new head unit sounded amazing with the factory fitted Harman Kardon sound system.