We replace the standard software on the ECU, flashing it with new software which optimizes the vehicle’s overall performance. This process is known as vehicle remapping because the ECU stores software that controls how the engine functions mechanically.

When your vehicle is remapped, the tuned software is flashed into your vehicle through the serial port, OBDII, or straight on to the ECU circuit board which then overwrites the standard software with the new file to enhance engine performance. On vehicles that have Tricore processors on the ECU’s which is tuning protection, we unlock and reflash the ECU on the bench in a lab environment.

A remapped vehicle with more torque and power will not have to be driven hard to produce power hence increasing fuel economy. Vehicle remapping also eliminates flat spots and increases acceleration from stationary. We have found remapping modern turbo diesel vehicles equipped with diesel particulate filters, DPF, has helped to keep the filter clean when the vehicle is driven mainly on short journeys. We can also delete DPF and EGR software when remapping vehicles.

  • Engine responds better under acceleration and throughout the rev range
  • Overall torque and power will be noticeably increased
  • Power delivery will be smoother for a more safer driving experience
  • Prolongs the life of the DPF filter (Diesels only)
  • Safer to overtake and get out of sticky situations
  • Better MPG under normal driving conditions
  • Minimises your carbon footprint

The pictures show how the locked engine control units are flashed on the bench. We will not bore you with multiple pages of text, just call us and have a chat, feel free to pop in and see us in action.