We are coming across more vehicles with under & over boosting faults where a new turbocharger has been fitted and the fault not rectified, a very expensive mistake to make!

Using our expert knowledge and equipment we can diagnose the operation of your turbo charger and its related control system and components to accurately find the cause of boost pressure issues.

Many modern turbo charged vehicles will shut down boost control to the turbo charger to prevent any mechanical damage to the engine if the control system and software detects a fault.

The fault code generated by this process is sometimes misinterpreted and an incorrect repair maybe be carried out costing the customer time and money. We always data log vehicles with boosting issues even before any further diagnostics is carried out.

We supply and fit brand new and reconditioned turbocharger units for all makes and models of vehicles. Enginostics Ltd follow all correct procedures when replacing turbo chargers. Please contact us for further advice and information. We also fit hybrid turbochargers for performance tuning.

Turbocharger Services:

  • Advanced turbo system diagnostics and data logging.
  • Turbo charger removal & refit service.
  • Variable vane (VNT) cleaning and calibrating service available.
  • Hybrid turbo chargers supplied and fitted for performance tuning.
  • High performance hoses and intercooler fitting service.
  • Stainless exhaust systems fitted on request.
  • All labour and parts warranted.