Diesel Specialist

Our technicians at Enginostics Ltd are able to repair all types of vehicles using the latest test equipment and diagnostics techniques for the modern diesel engine. We are able to locate faults faster and repair them more efficiently using state-of-the-art diagnostic test equipment located in our workshop.

We are independent diesel specialists using advanced diagnostic equipment and more importantly the knowledge and experience at our disposal to quickly and effectively pinpoint the problems with your diesel vehicle.

We offer a friendly and knowledgeable service and our customers are always kept up to date with a progress report on their vehicle. We can quickly identify and check the availability of injectors and related parts using our computerised part recognition system enabling us to provide you with instant confirmation of price and delivery for any specific parts. We guarantee substantial savings will be made on purchasing our parts when compared with dealership prices.

With the introduction of high pressure diesel common rail injector systems, we are now experiencing new diesel engine problems due to the failure of the diesel injectors and related componenets. It has been found that a significant percentage of failures are caused by excessive return flow from the diesel common rail injectors. This back leakage problem within the diesel common rail injectors is causing diesel engine hard starting, erratic idling and lack of power.

pd engine

We pride ourselves on the quality and presentation of our reconditioned diesel fuel pumps and diesel common rail injectors we fit.

We can diagnose, supply and fit all common brands of diesel fuel injectors for most makes and models of car and commercial vehicles.

  • Diesel Injector & pump testing service available.
  • Advance diesel control system diagnostics.
  • Injector removal and refit service including PD injectors.
  • Diesel pumps and timing belt replacement service.
  • Fuel cross contamination repair service.
  • Injector seal failure (black death) cleaning and rectification.
  • EGR, DPF, Turbo and emission control solutions.
  • Turbo diesel performance tuning.
  • Specialist in VAG PD (Pumpe-Deuse) engines.
  • All labour and parts warranted.
  • Original parts only used.
  • Advanced diesel engine service available on request.
  • Engine de-coking service.